We are very happy to present our speakers 

Wolfgang Ritzdorf is a senior lecturer at German Sport University Cologne, vice director of Institute of Movement and Neurosciences and head of department of athletics. The focus of his research is on reactive strength and technique and training of the jumps events.

He is the IAAF chief editor for the entire CECS jumps material and a regular keynote speaker in internationalcoaches' conferences and IAAF Academy.

As a former national coach of German female high jumpers he is now director of the IAAF World High Jump Center where he is personal coach to 9 Olympic Games / World Championships high jumpers since 2007.

For EA he serves as a jury member of EA innovation award and organizer of the bi-annual European Pole Vault and High Jump conference. He also works as a coaching consultant and/or mentor for UK Athletics and FIDAL.

Andrea Hjemåker is an educator in sports psychology at Bosön, the
Swedish Sports Confederation's development center. 

She is a part of the Swedish Sport Confederation's network
of sports psychologists, and has a B.A in health pedagogy from the Swedish
School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH), as well as a Master's Degree in
Sports Psychology from Halmstad University.

Andrea is a cognitive behavioral
therapy therapist and is specialized in ice hockey. She currently works with
clients in the Swedish Hockey League, the NHL and KHL, as well as referees in
the SHL. At Bosön, she lectures mainly at the school's Coaching Program.

Jeremy Fischer is the director and head coach of the USATF Residence program at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center. In Rio they produced 5 Olympic Medalist including Ryan Crouser, Jeff Hendersson, Brittney Reese, Will Clay and Joe Kovacs. He currently coaches medalist Will Clay, Brittney Reese and Brigetta Barett. He also has been on staff for 3 USA Paralympics teams and produced champions and World Record holders.

Jeremy was an elite high jumper and finished runner up at NCAA and USATF championships. He won coach of the year for the NCAA, USOC and USATF.

He currently is a jumps instructor and author for USATF Coaching Education and IAAF Academies. He holds IAAF Level 5 and USATF level 3 certifications in the sprints and jumps. He aslo has certifications of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA, USA Weightlifting Level 1 and master degree in Nutrition and one in Sport Sciences.

Loren Seagrave is one of the most renowned speed coaches in the world. Establishing a reputation in track and field as one of the best sprint and hurdle coaches in the world, Loren has worked with countless Olympican and World Champions. In the 2000, Loren co-coached 6 Olympians from 5 different countries, including the Gold Medalist in the 200-meters, Pauline Davis.

Loren has also served as Head Olympic Coach for Liberia, recording two national records in the Men's 4 x 100 m-meter relay.

Loren is founder of Velocity Sports Performance, a franchise that teaches young athletes how to be faster and improve their athleticism, so they can get of the bench and into the game.  

Rüdiger Harksen is Germanys National Coach for Womens Hurdles and former Head Coach for all Track events and Sprints.

Born 1954, Rüdiger studied sport sience, working as ha high school teacher in the 1980s. He has been coaching sprint and hurdles since 1980, and has been a full time coach at the German National Federation (DLV) since 1984.

Since 1984 he is teaching int the Track & Field coachs education system in Germany in all levels.

In his responsible as national Coach for womans hurdles his athletes have won several medals in the recent years. Kirsten Bolm European Championships Göteborg 2006 silver medalist (PB 12,59), three time Indoor medal vinner (2002-2007), Carolin Nytra European Championships Barcelona 2010 bronce Medalist, Indoor European Paris 2011 gold (PB 7,80, 12,57), Cindy Roleder World Championships Bejing2015 silver medalist (12,59) and winning gold at European Championships Amsterdam 2016 and gold at Indoor European Championships Belgrad 2017, Pamela Dutkiewicz indoor European Championship Belgrad 2017  bronze medalist, World Championships London 2017 bronze medalist (PB 12,61).

Since 25 years he is Meeting Director of BAUHAUS Juniors Gala in Mannheim, the world's greatest Junior Meeting for U20 Juniors. 

Lars Nielsen is Danish National Coach in Jumps and Head Coach at the National High-Performance Center West and in Aarhus 1900 Athletic Club.

Since 1992 Lars has been working as National Coach in Jumps, and since 1996 working full time in athletics and covered job like National Coach in Jumps, National Head Coach
and Sports director in Danish Athletic Federation.

Since 1991 he has been taking part in 5 Olympic Games, 10 World Championships and 7 European Championships.

Over the years Lars have personal coach 11 Olympic Games, World- and European Championships jumpers which so far have resulted in 22 finals and 3 medals.

Some of these athletes are: Renata P. Nielsen (LJ-6,96), Pia Zinck (HJ-1,94), Morten Jensen (LJ-8,25 co-coached with Anders Møller), Martin Voss (PV-5,72), Anders Møller
(TJ-17,01), Dorthe Jensen (TJ-13,84), Janick Klausen (HJ-2,26), Peder P.
Nielsen (TJ-16,73), Marie B. Bohn (PV-4,35)

Anders Henriksson is an educator at Dalarna University.

He lecture in pedagogy and sport and fitness.

One of Anders favorite subjects is motor learning.

Previously Anders has been a coach at the sport school in Falun.

He started to work as a coach in Falun 1987.
Since 2002 he is teaching sport and fitness at Dalarna University.

For two years 2010-2011 he was coaching Susanna Kallur.

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